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1 Geography position
    Hengyang City locate in Hunan south, at the Xiangjiang river.Because locate the south of Nanyue mountain,so that is known Hengyang. It locate 110°32'16″~113°16'32″of east longitude, 2607'05″~27°28'02″of northern latitudes. The east faces Shanghai;South boundary Guangzhou;The west always connect Guiling Kunming;The north faces Changsha Wuhan Beijing. Guangzhou;The west always connect Guiling Kunming;The north faces Changsha Wuhan Beijing.It is 1It is 173 kilometers from east to west, of the thing breadth, from south to north is 150 kilometers.The total area of Hengyang is 15310.2 square kilometers,it have 7.23% of the whole area of province Hunan,Hengyang is the second big city of Hunan.

2 Geography
    Hengyang City is placed in the stalk that cave form of province of HunanThe surroundings surrounds the ancient old rock strata to become of break the continuous wreath to take, its inside inset the big area chalk department and descend the red, mound mesa of the red layer of the third department, the basin geography that constitute the typical model.The whole geography is tilted to one side toward the northeast compound by the southwest, but basin from on all sides lower toward central part, present 1000 meters,700-800 meterses,300-400 meterses,150 meters,form four class grounds. According to the geography,it can be devided: The mountainous country orders 21.17% of the total area, the mound has 27.32%, the plain has 20.8%, the surface has 4.24%.By the ground cent:The farmland has 24.561% of the total area, the garden area has 1.936% of the total area, the wood land has 44.078% of the total area, the town village and the work minerals use 6.846% of a total area, transportation with 0.961% that the ground has the total area, the water has 8.517% of the total area, did not make use of 13.091% that the land has the total area.

3 Weather,hydrology
    The weather of the Hengyang City is medium subtropics moist weather of monsoon, the weather geniality, clear all the year round, average temperature of year is 17.5-18.3, lowest in January, month average temperature is 5.2-6.1°, haighest in July, month average temperature is 29.5-30.17°, year sunshine time is 1584-1754 hours, the rain is the 1100 mm?400mm each year. Xiangjiang river and other river through Hengyang City so it can suply abandent water.

4 Administration district
    The Hengyang City governs the Yanfeng District, the Shigu District, the Zhuhui District, the Zhengxiang District,Nanyue District five District and the Leiyang,Changning two cities and Hengyang,Hengnan,Hengdong,Hengshan,Qidong five counties. The city programs total area of 100 square kilometers, the total area that has been constructed is 64 square kilometers.Total population is 7,200,000.

5 Social economic condition
    2005 of the Hengyang City completes total output value 59,014,000,000 RMB dollars of the whole year the region, comparing the last year to increase 11.5%, among them,first and second and third industries increase 5.9%,16.9% and 9.8%s respectively;Complete whole social fixed assetses invests are 16,107,470,000 RMB dollars, comparing to increase 17.90% last year;Carry out the public finance gross earnings 3,164,000,000, RMB dollars among them public finance income 2,007,999,999 RMB dollars of the place, compare to increase 21.77% and 16.12%s last year respectively;The all controllable income of residents' person of town is 8503 RMB dollars, farmer the person is pure all the income 3833 RMB, compare to increase 6.85% and 10.63%s last year respectively.The whole city economy followed the orbit of the positive development.In 2005, Hengyang City continue to take speed development industry as the main direction. The whole year completes the industry total production value of 64,766,999,999 RMB dollars, among them, the above industry business enterprise of scale completes the total production value of 40,840,000,000 RMB dollars, comparing to increase 26.15% and 37.3%s last year respectively.The first step becomes the steel smelt and the tube materials to processes the manufacturing, have the color metals smelt and process, loses to change the electricity material, automobile and zero accessorieses, saltses to turn to gather the cluster deeply.The whole year completes the fixed assets to invest 15,800,000,000 RMB dollars, increasing 15.3%;Complete the social consumer goods retails the total amount 20,100,000,000 RMB dollars, increasing 14%.

6 The infrastructure development condition and develop foreground
    1.convenient transportation: Hengyang City is an our country important transportation vital point of the south.Jing-Guang Xian-Gui railway The city is wide, the railroad trunk line hands over the currency market area, inshore be open to traffic 250 kilometers of mileage.Horizontal interleave of the highway, leading everywhere, south north to have the bead superhighway that goes to 107 National Freeways, cities of Guangzhou in Peking, have westward the Hengyang heng-goes to Guangxi of 322 National Freeways, the superhighway of Heng-Zao, have a S315, S316, S320 etc. of province toward the east, the whole city highway is open to traffic the mileage more than 8000 kilometers.The aquatic conveyance is also extremely convenient, on the Xiangjiang river of Xiaoshue, bottom go into the hole court, Leishue, zhengshue...etc. a the class subsidiary current the four seasons navigation.
    2.the forerunner's communication:The telecommunication has already complete"165"? correspondence engineering plans of province of Hunan, set up the distance control, the telecommunication, numeral deliver, can see the meeting telephone, data communication, move, the dynamoelectric telephone? speech information etc. modernization communication and homologous postal service engineering.The whole city fixs 850,000 of the telephone customer, China moves the customer already 700,000.The in general user of Chian attain to be close to 300,000.
    3.water and electricity supply: The whole city supply water, the power supply overlays the noodles to amount to 100%.The whole city is total to pack 1,423,899 kilowatts of the machine capacity, the year generates electricity total amount 6,420,000,000 kilowatt-hours.Have already set up currently 220,000 VA transformer substations are 3 sets and 17 sets of 110,000 VA transformer substations, having 84 sets of 35,000 VA transformer substations .Have the biggest electricity factory of whole province fire power station in leiyang, the total capacity of machine set to amount to 1,000,000 kilowatts.In the plan, the fire generating electricity station of 4×600,000,000,000,000 Watt has worked .Water supply:The year supplies water the quantity as 700,000 tons, have already set up four water factory, using water of the whole city depend the system tube net water supply mainly.

7 Baishazhou industrial park
    Hengyang City is the old industry base of the province of Hunan, in the Baishazhou district is the gather ground industry of the Hengyang City, the industrial park in the Baishazhou,according to this strong industry foundation, with the machine process manufacturing industry is lord, at the same time and permit the free from pollution and low and polluting industry of electronics, light work, new building materials, food etc..Concentrate on creating the local area manufacturing industry center of machine process.
The area of planning total area are 21.69 square km of the park. the area of northern side in the park will plan Hengyang south railway station construction,it is combine the ?line? reformation conduct and actions future the Hengyang western region the railroad arrives station to establish of, and have a freight transportation function.Go to the outside wreath road and can The area south of the park faces for the Hengyang harbor kiloton class harbor area, including the kilo ton class wharf and a big goods wharf, total three kilo ton classes, the single piece hoist to 420 tons of weight, the single piece hoist to weight to occupy the second in national inland river.The Hengyang harbor kilo ton class harbor middle of the Xiangjiang river, follow the Xiangjiang river descend go 439 kilometers, go to the Yangtze River.The ages that develop increasingly in the land-and-water transportation and logisticses, the kilo ton class harbor area of Hengyang harbor displays the important position and functions.

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